2015 Colossians
July 26 PM  Children & Parents
Aug 9 PM  "True Love"
Aug 16 PM  "Servants, Obey"
Aug 23 PM  "Meet The Colossians"
Aug 30 PM  "Real Christianity"
Sept 13 AM  "Jesus Is Lord"
Sept 13 PM  "God Forgives"
Sept 20 AM  "Complete In Christ"
Sept 20 PM  "Jesus Is Sufficient"
Sept 27 AM  No Recording
Sept 27 PM  No Recording

March Revelation
Feb 14 PM  "Gaining A Proper Perspective"
Feb 21 PM  "The Four Views"
Feb 28 PM  "Churches Of Ephesus & Smyrna"
Mar 6 AM  "The Church Of Pergamum"
Mar 6 PM  "The Church Of Thyatira"
Mar 20 AM  "The Church Of Sardis"
Apr 3 PM  "The Church Of Philadelphia"
Apr 10 PM  "The Church Of Loadicea"
Apr 24 PM  "Holy, Holy, Holy"
May 8 PM  "Worthy Is The Lamb"
May 15 PM  "The Seal Judgments"
May 22 AM  "Tribulation Saints"
May 29 PM  "The Trumpet Judgments" Part A
June 5 PM  "The Trumpet Judgments" Part B
June 19 PM  "The Little Book"
June 26 PM  "The Two Witnesses"
Sept 4 PM  "Scarlet Woman & Scarlet Beast"
Sept 11 PM  "Final Bowl Judgments"
Sept 18 PM  "Beast Is Judged"
Oct 2 PM  "The Millenium"
Oct 16 PM  "New Heaven & New Earth"
Oct 23 PM  "The Bride, New Jeruselem"
Oct 30 PM  "Surely I Come Quickly"

15/16 Philippians
Nov 1 PM  "Meet The Philippians"
Nov 8 PM  "Falsely Accused"
Nov 15 PM  "The Surrendered Life"
Nov 22 PM  "Fulfill Ye My Joy"
Nov 29 PM  "The Example Of Humility"
Dec 13 PM  "Let Jesus Shine"
Jan 3 PM  "Joy Is . . ."
Jan 10 PM  "Citizens Of Heaven"
Jan 24 PM  "True Companions"
Feb 7 PM  "Farewell Philippians"