Pastor Chuck Brocka

2015 Special Speakers
Mar 29 AM  Brother Mike Vaughn
Mar 29 PM  Brother Mike Vaughn
July 26 AM  Pastor Lonnie Koons
Pastor Randy Hall

2015 January
Jan 4 AM  "Five Fruits"
Jan 4 PM  "Bearing Fruit"
Jan 11 AM  "Men Of Purpose"
Jan 11 PM  "Introducing Jesus!"
Jan 18 AM  "Introducing Jesus!"
Jan 18 PM  "The Mayans Verses"
Jan 25 AM  "Preaching With Power"
Jan 25 PM  "The Mayans v/s The Bible"
2015 February
Feb 1 AM  "Would Not Bend, Bow, Burn"
Feb 1 PM  Cancelled Service
Feb 8 AM  "Baptism, Temptation, And Call"
Feb 8 PM  "A Letter From The King"
Feb 15 AM  "Pride Before The Fall"
Feb 15 PM  "When Jesus Calls"
Feb 22 AM  "Jesus' Authority"
Feb 22 PM  "Found In The Balances - 1"
2015 March
Mar 1 AM  Cancelled Service
Mar 1 PM  Cancelled Service
Mar 8 AM  "Found In The Balances - 2"
Mar 8 PM  "Does the Devil Go To Church?"
Mar 15 AM  "The Rules Of War"
Mar 15 PM  "The Plot"
Mar 22 AM  "Daniel In The Lions' Den"
Mar 22 PM  "The Integrity Life Of Jesus"
Mar 29 AM  Brother Mike Vaughn
Mar 29 PM  Brother Mike Vaughn
2015 April
Apr 5 AM  Easter Service
   AM Service Only
Apr 12 AM  "Is Jesus Here?"
Apr 12 PM  "Dreams & Visions"
Apr 19 AM  "Awesome Truths / Alarming Times"
Apr 19 PM  "Following Jesus"
Apr 26 AM  ""
Apr 26 PM  ""

2015 May
May 3 AM  "The Great Tribulation"
May 3 PM  "Jesus Sees That Hand"
May 10 AM  "A Praying Mother"
May 10 PM  "A Praising Mother"
May 17 AM  "The Chosen Ones"
May 17 PM  "The Son Of Man"
May 24 AM  No Recording
May 24 PM  No Recording
May 31 AM  "Empires In God's Hands"
May 31 PM  "Jesus Calling"
2015 June
June 7 AM   "Have I Committed The Unpardonable Sin?"
June 7 PM  "The End Described By Gabriel"
June 14 AM  ""
June 14 PM  ""
June 21 AM  "Birds Of A Feather"
June 21 PM  "Daniel 9 & The 70 Weeks"
June 28 AM  "And Again He Began To Teach"
June 28 PM  "Heavenly Warfare"
2015 July
July 5 AM  "Back to The Future Independence"
July 5 PM  "Supernatural Powers"
July 12 AM  "History At Its Best"
July 12 PM  "Jesus Teaching From Farming"
July 19 AM  "Will We Reach The Other Side?"
July 19 PM  "Antichrist"
July 26 AM  Pastor Lonnie Koons
July 26 PM  Children & Parents
2015 August
Aug 2 AM  "From A Maniac To A Missionary"
Aug 2 PM  Daniel 12
Aug 9 AM  "What Shall Be The End?"
Aug 9 PM  "True Love"
Aug 16 AM  "The Home Of The Hopeless"
Aug 16 PM  "Servants, Obey"
Aug 23 AM  "Her Daddy Loved Her"
Aug 23 PM  "Meet The Colossians"
Aug 30 AM  "Serving In Your Home Town"
Aug 30 PM  "Real Christianity"

2015 September
Sept 6 AM  "Do As Little As Possible"
Sept 6 PM  "Great High Priest"
Sept 13 AM  "Jesus Is Lord"
Sept 13 PM  "God Forgives"
Sept 20 AM  "Complete In Christ"
Sept 20 PM  "Jesus Is Sufficient"
Sept 27 AM  No Recording
Sept 27 PM  No Recording
2015 October
Oct 4 AM  "Seek Eternal Values"
Oct 4 PM  "Put Off The Old Man"
Oct 11 AM  ""
Oct 11 PM  ""
Oct 18 AM  "Herod's Conscience"
Oct 18 PM  "The Importance Of Prayer"
Oct 25 AM  "No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus"
Oct 25 PM  ""
2015 November
Nov 1 AM  "Faith For The Storms Of Life"
Nov 1 PM  "Meet The Philippians"
Nov 8 AM  "Only Knowing The Words"
Nov 8 PM  "Falsely Accused"
Nov 15 AM  "The Suffering Servant"
Nov 15 PM  "The Surrendered Life"
Nov 22 AM  "Celebrate God"
Nov 22 PM  "Fulfill Ye My Joy"
Nov 29 AM  "He Cannot Be Hid"
Nov 29 PM  "The Example Of Humility"
2015 December
Dec 6 AM  "Seven Prophesies Of The Messiah"
Dec 6 PM  No Service
Dec 13 AM  "The Christ Of Christmas Past"
Dec 13 PM  "Let Jesus Shine"
Dec 20 AM  "The Greatest Christmas Gift"
Dec 20 PM  "Christmas Drama"
Dec 27 AM  "New Directions For A New Year"
Dec 27 PM  "Godly Men"