April - May "Who Are We?"
  Apr 14 AM"First Things First"
  Apr 21 AM"We Are Vicariously Atoned"
  Apr 28 AM"We Are Faith Walkers"
  May 5 AM"We Are God Glorifiers"
  Jun 2"We Are Sky Watchers"
July - Sept "Pastor, I've Never Heard You Talk About ... Before"
  July 21"America In The End Times"
  July 28"Fire And Brimstone"
  Aug 4"Alcohol"

2013 Special Speakers
  July 14Missionary Mark Tylavsky
"Home Missions"
  Aug 18Mr Lyle Humphrey
"His Will, My Life, His Glory"
  Aug 18Mr Mark Reynolds
"The Great Flood"
  Oct 13Pastor Mike Vaughn
"Woe To Us For We Have Sinned"
  Oct 13Pastor Mike Vaughn

2013 January
  Jan 6 AM"Life... It Begins At The Cross"
  Jan 13 AM"Altar Ego"
  Jan 20 AM"Are You Naked?"
  Jan 27 AM""
2013 February
  Feb 3 AM""
  Feb 10 AM""
  Feb 17 AM"What Do You Do When The Unexpected Happens?"
  Feb 24 AM"Ressurrection Sunday ... Is Coming"
2013 March
  Mar 3 AM"Who Or What Are You Fellowshipping With?"
  Mar 10 AM"What If It Were Today?"
  Mar 17 AM"What's On The Other Side?"
  Mar 24 AM""
  Mar 31 AM""
2013 April
  Apr 7 AM"Sheepish Instincts"
  Apr 7 PM"Evening Communion"
  Apr 14 AM"First Things First"
  Apr 14 PM"Shout For Joy!"
  Apr 21 AM"We Are Vicariously Atoned"
  Apr 21 PM"Helping God"
  Apr 28 AM"We Are Faith Walkers"
  Apr 28 PM"The Five Fold Prayer"
2013 May
  May 5 AM"We Are God Glorifiers"
  May 5 PM"What Are You Thinking?"
  May 12 AM"The Testimony Of A Godly Woman"
  May 12 PM"Chosen To Serve"
  May 19 AM"Thirsting For God"
  May 19 PM"To Whom Do You Belong?"
  May 26 AM"The Cost Of Freedom"
  May 26 PMNo Evening Service
2013 June
  Jun 2 AM"We Are Sky Watchers"
  Jun 2 PMCommunion Service
  Jun 9 AM"Love, True Love"
  Jun 9 PMIsrael Presentation
  Jun 16 AM"Soaking In Or Squeezing Out!"
  Jun 16 PMNo Evening Service
  Jun 23 AM"7 Hebrew Words"
  Jun 23 PMSpring Singspiration
  Jun 30 AM"Of Faith And Country"
  Jun 30 PMNo Evening Service
2013 July
  July 7 AM"All Means All"
  July 7 PM"Add To Your Faith"
  July 14 AMMissionary Mark Tylavsky
  July 14 PM"Cotton Candy Religion"
  July 21 AM"What Satisfies You?"
  July 21 PM"America In The End Times"
  July 28 AM"Your Walk Is Screaming"
  July 28 PM"Fire And Brimstone"
2013 August
  Aug 4 AM"What Are You Smiling At?"
  Aug 4 PM"Alcohol"
  Aug 11 AM""
  Aug 11 PM""
  Aug 18 AMMr Lyle Humphrey
  Aug 18 PMMr Mark Reynolds
  Aug 25 AM""
  Aug 25 PM""
2013 September
  Sept 1 AM""
  Sept 1 PM""
  Sept 8 AM""
  Sept 8 PM""
  Sept 15 AM""
  Sept 15 PM""
  Sept 22 AM""
  Sept 22 PM""
  Sept 29 AM"Be Ye Thankful"
  Sept 29 PM"In Noah's Time"