Please welcome Pastor Chuck & Irene Brocha.

Pastor Brocha has agreed to come to Fair Haven Baptist Church as our Interim Pastor. Chuck & Irene have served many decades as missionary church planters in North America, serving in areas of Alaska, Canada, Idaho, Hawaii, and Utah.

Thank you for your willingness to serve.

2013 October
Oct 6 AMBrother Lyle Humphrey
Oct 6 PMBrother Lyle Humphrey
Oct 13 AMBrother Mike Vaughn
Oct 13 PMBrother Mike Vaughn
Oct 20 AM"Is There Not A Cause?"
Oct 20 PM"Psalm 118:28-29"
Oct 27 AM"The LORD Commanded The Blessing"
Oct 27 PM"Preparing For The Day" Part 1
2013 November
Nov 3 AM"God's Provisions For Trials In Life"
Nov 3 PM"Preparing For The Day" Part 2
Nov 10 AM"Changed By The LORD"
Nov 10 PM"Look Who Is Going Fishing"
Nov 17 AM"Ingratitude or In Gratitude?"
Nov 17 PM"Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart"
Nov 24 AM"Graciously Thankful"
Nov 24 PM"The First American Thanksgiving"

2013 December
Dec 1 AM"Joyfully Faithful"
Dec 1 PM"Lord, Is It I?"
Dec 8 AM"Anticipating Christmas"
Dec 8 PM(Service Cancelled)
Dec 15 AM 
Dec 15 PM 
Dec 22 AM 
Dec 22 PM 
Dec 29 AM"Family Life Of Jesus"
Dec 29 PMNo Service